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​Who are your residential clients exactly? are they like me?
Our residential clients are generally busy professionals with no time to transform their homes into the space they have always dreamed of. They are happy to have somebody helping them create a design scheme that is unique to them, and who will make it happen for them. They have a vision of what they want from their interior and understand the work involved in making that happen for them.

What sort of businesses do you work with?
Our commercial clients are retailers, workplaces, boutique hotels, private clubs, restaurants or cafés, and whose managers or owners are busy dealing with the day to day running of their business or who are just starting up. They want their business to set apart from the competition. We also work with property developers designing show homes or staging rooms for a more profitable sale.

Do you advise on curtains and soft furnishings?
Yes! Curtains have a prominent role in the final atmosphere of the room, and it is important to select the right sort of curtain

Can you create a lighting plan?
We feel that lighting can make or break a scheme. It is worth the extra investment in getting it right. We propose lighting in our full service design schemes.

Do you supervise the project?
Yes we can do and we encourage you to let us take the pressure off you and allow us to do it. We love to see projects through from concept to completion on site. We do offer smaller packages where we only do advice and a shopping list if that is preferred but we also offer a full project management service which we highly recommend if you are not comfortable in dealing with contractors or simply don’t have the time.

Can you find the contractors to do the work?
Yes, I can recommenced reliable builders, decorators, electricians, plumber etc. I also am flexible and can work with a team of your choice as long as they provide work of quality.

Do you offer an online service?
We don’t at the moment offer an online Interior Design service. However for our Graphic Design service we do! We often work online with our graphics service. Our clients are all over the UK.

Are you qualified ?
Yes. Our lead designer has a BA(hons) Interior Design and a National Diploma In Graphic Design alonside over 14 years professional practice working in some of London’s top Design Agencies. We are also in the process of applying to be an associate of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) which is the professional body for Interior Designers in the UK.

Do you help to restyle a room?
Sometimes a room doesn’t need a full refurbishment to look better, in this case I also advise on how to make a better use of what is in the room. A coat of paint and better use of space planning of the furniture, maybe new curtains can make a big difference and may well be all that is necessary. Our 3 hour consultation package is perfect for this.

How is Biddis Lifestyle Design different from other Designers?
Biddis Lifestyle Design prides itself on providing a design scheme that is bespoke to you. We don’t have a signature look that we impose on you. We work with you to get what is right for you. Who you meet o the first day will be your same point of contact throughout your journey with us.

Are you fully insured?
Yes, We have Public and Products Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

How much is it going to cost?
There is a first meeting where both the client and I assess if we are suited to work together. Subsequent meetings then form part of the paid fee agreement.
We only know what to charge when we know exactly the scope of the work. We issue the Fee Proposal as quickly after out first meeting as possible. We pride ourselves on quality of service and our fee represents that. We won’t be the cheapest designer but we certainly will not be expensive. We want to bring designed spaces to everyone no matter what the budget.

Do you work according to budget?
Yes, We always respect the budget given by the client, which will dictate where we will source the items from. We are happy to work with small or larger budget as long as the budget is realistic.

How do you invoice?
It depends on the service. For our smaller packages we invoice in full upfront. For larger projects we invoice in stages.

A typical project billing;
Stage 1 Survey – Payment upfront. This payment is way of commitment to the project
Stage 2 Concept Design – 50% upon completion of Stage 1 and the remainder upon Completion of Stage 2
Stage 3 Design Development – 50% upon completion of Stage 2 and the remainder upon completion of Stage 3
Stage 4 Final Design– 50% upon completion of Stage 3 and the remainder upon completion of Stage 4
Stage 5 Project Management – Invoiced Monthly at the end of each month until completion

What happens next?
Get in touch through whichever means you prefer, telephone, email, our Facebook page and we can arrange our first meeting

Where does the name come form I hear you ask…
…Well like most nicknames they usually come from children. Well Biddis is mine. When I was little my younger brother couldn’t say Elizabeth so it came out Biddis .. I’ve been called it ever since by him and my parents so it just felt like the right name for me to use

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