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Excellent Residential Interior Design is the result of great design principles, the designer’s skill and expertise and your vision. We blend these three elements to achieve a design that turns your concepts into a reality.

Residential Interior Designers London Services

After years of designing homes for our clients, we have a simple process that works wonders and gives you outstanding results:

  • Step1: Consultation

    This first step sets the tone for the design of your home. We discuss with you your preferences so that we can establish a clear vision of your style and needs. We take your lifestyle into consideration to make sure we create a home design that enhances your comfort and suits your daily living.

  • Step 2: Design

    Once we have everything we need from your end, we begin designing. Our team comes together to create drawings for your home. Every project by Biddis Lifestyle Design is customised according to our client’s taste and preferences, ensuring timeless and carefully curated design solutions.

  • Step 3: Completed Project

    Our team presents to you our final design drawings. This is the perfect time to let us know if you want any adjustments or additions made to your design. Feel free to talk to us for any professional advice that you may need even after we’ve completed the project.

Residential Interior Designers London

Our passion lies in creating spaces that you’ll be proud of. Biddis Lifestyle Design is the brainchild of Elizabeth Calder, a Residential Interior Designer London who has worked with a number of homeowners and businesses in London. After building her career up at several top Interior Design Agencies in London, Elizabeth chose to set up her own design studio to improve the lives of people through gorgeous and cost-efficient design. After all, we believe good design can be affordable. We help independent retailers increase footfall in their stores and homeowners achieve their dreams of having attractive, meaningful interiors.

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