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Getting your customer’s attention and keeping it – that’s one of the biggest challenges for many retailers. The sales process begins once a customer enters your store and it’s important to make a good impression as soon as you can. This is why interior design is essential to your brand’s success.

Biddis Lifestyle Design has learned to enhance sales performance through the interiors. We design environments that connect with the customer and leave a lasting impact. We have worked with some of the most successful brands on the high street by elevating their interior design, turning their store into a space that drives sales and boosts brand image.

Retail Design Service

At Biddis Lifestyle Design, we maximise your brand’s presence on the sales floor. We create interiors that let you stand out and speak to who your customers are. It is our job to help you create emotional ties with them, resulting in brand loyalty.

Before we begin the project, we get to understanding your brand fully and discuss certain aspects of your business you want to push forward. Let us know everything, from your brand colour scheme and aesthetic preference down to your logistics and daily workflow. Our team handles all parts of the job, from the initial concept to the completion onsite. In short: we’ll bring your vision to life.

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Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. Elizabeth Calder, our founder, is an interior designer who has an extensive portfolio of design and architectural projects across London. After building her career up at several top Interior Design Houses in London Elizabeth turned her skills into a way to improve the lives of her clients through gorgeous yet cost-efficient design. We have helped independent retailers improve sales and homeowners achieve their dreams of having attractive, meaningful interiors. It is our mission to create spaces you’ll be proud of.

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