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Commercial Interior Design Services

At Biddis Lifestyle Design we work with a wide variety of Commercial Interior Design Projects.

Retail Design

If there’s something not quite right with you store interiors, we’re here to help. We have a rich background in retail design and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with renowned brands on the high street over the years. We have worked on large scale roll out schemes as well as some amazing independent boutiques, all with fascinating stories to tell through their space. We can help you boost your sales with a minor tweak or a full retail concept. Allow us to help drive your sales by making your retail unit stand out from the high street.

Workplace Design

Professionally planned and designed office spaces shouldn’t be a luxury. Businesses need employees who come to work energised, creatively inspired and ready to make an impact – interior design is one way to make that happen. At Biddis Lifestyle Design, we create interiors that people want to work in. We create workplaces that improve productivity and enable collaboration through ergonomic workplace solutions.

Restaurant and Bar Design

Creating excellent interiors for restaurants or bars is anything but simple. There are many factors to consider in design, from the aesthetic appeal and overall theme cohesiveness down to safety regulations and staff workflow. But, that’s what we’re good at. Whether you’re launching a new dining spot or you’re just refurbishing your existing space, we’ll make your vision a reality.

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